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Seaside Dreams' 2011 80 x 50 cm, C-Print

Publication 'Welcome to Tunisia' AKV St. Joost 2011

Publication 'Welcome to Tunisia' AKV St. Joost 2011

Seaside Dreams

'Seaside dreams' is a project that searches for different connotations attached to the Tunisian Mediterranean horizon. The photos show how one view can represent many dreams. The contradiction between the Western point of view on immigrants, and the perspective of young Tunisian men towards Europe became the main starting point for this project. The photo's are taken in Madhia and Sfax; two Tunisian cost towns that are nearby the Italian island Lampedusa and therefore the European border.

Madhia, on the peninsula Cap d’Afrique, is a small picturesque town with a large white beaches that hostess many European tourists all year round. Sfax on the other hand, is after Tunis one of the largest economic cities in Tunisia. Both cities are in the ‘Haraga’ zone (Haraga is an Arabic expression for illegal immigrants, those who burn their immigration papers). On these beaches, thousands of young Tunisian men have started their dangerous journey towards Europe, especially during the power vacuum that derived after the revolution, while in daytime tourist enjoy their holiday.

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