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c4 projects - street view

installation view - front room

Installation view - front room

Installation view - front room

'CCC (Color Correcting Concealer)' 2018 20 x 15 cm C-print

Installation view - back room

'Revlon' 2018 20 x 20 cm C-print

'Lipstick poetry' 2018 11,5 x 10 cm vinyl lettering on wall

'It's a statement - Red-y or not - My first love' 2018 60 x 30 cm C-print


c4 projects - Copenhagen

The exhibition TekhneCOSMETIC seeks to investigate conventions within the cosmetics industry to approach a negotiation between the image and language of beauty. It explores the intertwined relationship between photography and the cosmetic industry, which dates back to the invention of the photographic medium and was escalated through the invention of color film.


Vlaming and Ehlers Nilsson’s works deal with the curation of color in popular culture and how the production of visuality produces common commercialized desires. The works split apart idealized colors, branding strategies, and economies of the beauty industry to invoke a critical commentary on the role of the cosmetic industry in the production of imagery in the 21st century.


Joyce Vlaming (b 1981) lives and works in Utrecht (NL). She graduated from the Sandberg Instituut (MFA) in Amsterdam (NL) in 2014, studied at AKV St. Joost (MA) in Breda (NL) until 2012, and received an BDes in photography from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht (NL) in 2004. Her works have been shown at the international photography and art festival BIP2010 in MAMAC in Liège (BE), Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris (FR), Huis Marseille in Amsterdam (NL), and Epson Photo festival in Naarden (NL). She exhibited in a solo exhibition at EXbunker in Utrecht (NL) in 2017.


Rikke Ehlers Nilsson (b. 1984) lives and works in Aalborg (DK). She received a MFA from Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam (NL) in 2014 and graduated from The Funen Art Academy in Odense (DK) in 2011. Her works have been exhibited at I:projects space in Beijing (CN), the Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen (DK), UNSEENAmsterdam in Amsterdam (NL), and BRANDTS in Odense (DK). She has been an Artist-in-Residence at CCA Andtrax in Mallorca (ES), The Three Shadows Photography Art Center in Beijing (CN), the Danish Institute at Athens (GR), and at BucharestAIR in Bucharest (RO).


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